Did a ‘Follow Friday’ list reveal the name of Mitt Romney’s VP choice?


With the 2012 Olympic Games now officially underway in England, it can be easy to forget that 2012 is also notable for being a presidential election year... at least for the next few weeks. Well, former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney doesn't want you to stop thinking about the close November election. That's why Beth Myers, the person named to head up his search for a vice presidential nominee, took to social network Twitter today to suggest you follow a small group of Republican conservatives, one of whom is likely to be named as Romney's VP pick in a few weeks' time.

Myers has only tweeted a total of three times, and two of them were shared above. That is leading a number of political observers to interpret Myers' tweets as the Romney campaign's vice presidential short list — the big political names still under consideration for joining Mitt Romney on the November ballot. By announcing the full list, it appears that Romney is trying to avoid the kind of national shock that arose in 2008 when Sen. John McCain picked a largely unknown Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin from out of nowhere to be his running mate.

The names in each of the tweets are somewhat familiar to those who follow politics. Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty and Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan have frequently been named as a possible Romney picks, as have the relatively young Florida Senator Marco Rubio and bombastic New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie. There are a number of female names in consideration too: New Mexico Gov. Susan Martinez, former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, and New Hampshire Senator Kelly Ayotte.

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This article was written by Fox Van Allen and originally appeared on Tecca

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