This creepy Steve Jobs action figure will make you question your Apple devotion

Mike Wehner, Tecca

There are few icons in the world of technology as revered as Apple's co-founder and longtime CEO Steve Jobs. We've seen some crazy tributes to the man who devoted his life to consumer tech — from giant apple-shaped marathon routes to life-sized statues — but none are as eerily realistic as the upcoming Steve Jobs action figure by toymaker Inicons.

The 12" tall doll is a lovingly accurate recreation of the man who introduced the world to the iPad and iPhone, and his every detail has been replicated. The mini Jobs comes complete with his iconic keynote wardrobe consisting of a black turtleneck, Levis blue jeans, and of course his New Balance footwear. But the really impressive part of the tiny tribute is its almost creepily realistic facial features.

Inicons plans to market the new toy starting next month with a price tag of $99. Unfortunately, the company hasn't been able to obtain any kind of license to use Jobs's likeness, so the chances of it being immediately removed from sale are pretty high. Interested? Get your finger ready to hit the "Buy" button.


This article originally appeared on Tecca

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