Crazy coffee shop lets anyone on the web gently torture its customers

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Imagine this: You're quietly sipping coffee when your seat suddenly shrinks, your table shoots upward, and the music switches from soothing jazz to screamo in a heartbeat. That's the usual scenario inside the Kauko coffee shop in Helsinki, Finland, where you can grab a steaming cup of coffee for long as you can endure abrupt changes in your environment that can be controlled by anyone with an internet connection.

Kauko was built to celebrate the city's designation as 2012's World Design Capital, and was meant to emphasize the importance of good design in everyday life. If you fancy playing god for a bit, head over to the café's official website, and choose from among the several chairs and tables you can control. This will load a live feed of your chosen fixture as well as the patron using it.

If all the controllable elements are occupied when you visit, watch the video above to see some of the best moments caught on camera.

This article was written by Mariella Moon and originally appeared on Tecca

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