Congresswoman wants to protect you from silly internet laws


Remember that one time when our internet freedom was about to be severely stifled by the government, but then pretty much the entire internet rallied against it? House Rep. Zoe Lofgren (D-Calif.) remembers, and she wants to make sure the government will never create a law that will interfere with a free internet again.

The Global Free Internet Act of 2012 is a bill introduced last Friday by Lofgren that would create a task force to protect the internet-savvy from the people in charge who are not so internet-savvy.

Last year's Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) aimed to put a stop to copyright infringement on the internet, but at the cost of restructuring the way the internet works by allowing the government to enforce strict penalties for what they considered violations such as movie and music streaming. "The Internet is a thriving and vibrant engine for cultural and economic growth because it empowers people to connect and share information globally with limited restrictions," Lofgren says on her website. She hopes to get the bill passed in time to influence President Obama's executive order on cybersecurity he's currently considering.

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This article was written by Shawn Schuster and originally appeared on Tecca

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