Brazilian retailer uses Facebook-connected hangers so you can like their clothes, literally

Mike Wehner, Tecca

"Liking" things on Facebook is increasingly becoming a pop culture measuring stick to see just how buzzy a topic, idea, or product has become. Brazilian clothes retailer C&A has taken this concept of seemingly spur-of-the-moment popularity and applied it to their various outfits in a very literal sense: If, while browsing the shop's racks, you find something you like, you can simply touch the Facebook-connected hanger and declare your feelings on the social network.

On C&A's Facebook page, each piece of clothing has its own post, and the likes just keep piling up. The idea is that when a social network user happens upon the company's page, they'll be able to see the hottest items of the moment in an instant. Of course, because each press of a hanger's button is essentially anonymous, it's difficult to tell which items are genuinely popular, and which have become victim to some push-happy customers with quick fingers.

It's certainly an interesting idea, and may help some undecided shoppers pick between a few would-be purchases based on each items' popularity. The store hasn't detailed how it plans to deal with items as they age — as in, month-old outfits with thousands of likes versus brand new garb without established popularity — but we have a feeling this is more about making a big splash on the social network than it is about a reliable outfit rating system.

[C&A via The Verge]

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