BMW shows off Concept e electric scooter and Husqvarna E-go motorcycle

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Today at the Frankfurt Motor Show, automaker BMW demonstrated their dedication to electric vehicles by introducing a pair of zero-emission cycle concepts. Both vehicles are bold in terms of design, and BMW promises that along with their new-age appearance, they are made with the utmost in mobility in mind.

The first is a scooter named Concept e, an urban cycle with a futuristic design and vibrant green side panels. The Concept e features a shortened front windshield and acrylic glass battery covers. The driver is treated to readouts of speed and other vehicle essentials as well as a pair of LCD monitors near the handlebars that show live feeds of the road to the back and sides, negating the need for traditional mirrors. The Concept e can be completely recharged in less than 3 hours, and a full battery can power the sleek speedster for up to 60 miles.

While the Concept e is designed for an urban environment, the Husqvarna-branded Concept E-go is more at home on dirt. BMW bought Husqvarna four years ago, and the E-go is the electric cycle concept from the new BMW subsidiary. Designed to be light and fast, the E-go weighs in at just 176lbs. The single-seater is clearly targeted at young people, and BMW even likens driving the new bike on city streets to playing a video game.

No word on pricing or even the likelihood of the new concepts making it to dealerships has been revealed, but with electric vehicles already dotting the roadway, the "e" concepts may very well have an audience.

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