Bird Flingers Beware: Android users targeted with fake Angry Birds malware apps

April 13, 2012

The Angry Birds franchise is beyond massive, and with an animated seriesmovie tie-ins, and hundreds of millions of downloads, it's one of the prime targets for counterfeit app makers. Since Angry Birds Space launched in late March, the title has sold predictably well, but developer Rovio is now putting out a warning that there are in fact fake versions of the game creeping about Google Play which treat you to malicious malware instead of the birds' newest adventure.

According to the security experts at Sophos, there is one particular version of the app which has become widespread enough to cause concern. The program disguises itself as a completely legitimate download of the popular mobile game, but then digs deep within your handset's operating system and installs code that may compromise any information you have stored.

Fake apps have become something of a nuisance for Android owners due to the Google's rather lax app verification system. Rovio suggests beginning your app download straight from the company's official website to ensure your device remains malware free.

[via AllThingsD]

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