Bacon shortage “aporkalypse” sends Twitter into panic mode

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Bacon is serious business. Aside from a successful industry so deeply seated in artificial bacon flavoring, real bacon is facing the grim possibility of experiencing a shortage in 2013. According to the National Pig Association in Britain, an unavoidable shortage of pork products will plague Europe after heavy drought conditions destroyed corn and soybean feed crops this year. Experts say that this is a trend being mirrored around the world.

The Twitterverse quickly caught wind of the news, expressing their own brand of sarcastic shock and horror. Some clever Twitter users call it the "aporkalypse," while others blame the shortage on the internet's ironic love of everything bacon. Personally, we blame it on this monstrocity.

[Image credit: Bacon plate via Shutterstock]
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This article was written by Shawn Schuster and originally appeared on Tecca

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