Apply to be a NASA space food tester

February 23, 2012

Was your favorite part about a visit to the Air and Space Museum the little packets of space ice cream they sell at the gift shop? If so, you'll be glad to know that scientists are preparing to create a new generation of space desserts — and is seeking the public's help to do it.

The study, being run by jointly run by Cornell University and the University of Hawaii, seeks to simulate a 4-month mission to Mars — or at least, the eating part of the mission. Six lucky "crewmembers" will wear space suits, live in a small Mars-like habitat, and consume nothing but instant space foods for a period of 4 months.

Though the entirety of the study will take place here on Earth, the study is seeking those with NASA-level qualifications. Namely, participants should have a bachelors in the sciences, professional experience, the ability to pass a physical examination, and a history of conducting field research. You will also need to have a normal sense of taste and smell — smokers need not apply.

If you're interested in sitting around eating space chicken and space gravy for four months this summer, you'll be rewarded to the tune of $5,000, plus air travel to the facility in Hawaii. Head to the University of Hawaii webpage to learn how to apply.

[via Dvice]

[Image credit: kemeko1971]

This article was written by Fox Van Allen and appeared on Tecca