Apple may jump into crowded streaming radio pool

Mike Wehner, Tecca
Technology News Blog

If you think there's already plenty — to perhaps even too many — streaming music options available on every computer, tablet, and smartphone on the planet... well, you're pretty much spot-on. Still, despite the likes of Rdio, Spotify, Pandora, and Music Unlimited crowding the mobile music space, Apple appears to think it can be done better. According to the Wall Street Journal, the California-based company wants to do just that.

According to the report, Apple is currently wrangling all the licensing deals it would need to secure in order to offer such a service. We imagine being the proprietors of the largest digital music portal in the world makes this process rather straightforward, but there's always legalese to wade through.

Of course, Apple hasn't officially confirmed this plan yet, and should the company eventually offer such a service it seems likely that it would instantly be compatible with all of Apple's mobile gadgets. That said, most of us already have one of the litany of available streaming radio services installed on our devices, so it could take some convincing in order to get us to make a switch.

This article was written by Mike Wehner and originally appeared on Tecca

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