Amazon jumping into the original TV programming business

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Netflix and Hulu are about to have some company in their efforts to create original TV series for their streaming video customers — a very big company. Amazon, best known for its retail business and ebook readers, has announced plans to create its own shows with help from its customers that will air on its Amazon Prime Instant Video service.

Budding TV writers will be able to submit their pitches for new series to Amazon, where its Amazon Studios unit, launched in 2010, will review them and pick about one per month to develop further. Part of the process will involve getting feedback from viewers to gauge their interest in seeing the ideas turned into fully fledged shows.

Show creators will receive $10,000 if Amazon decides to option their submissions. If they're turned into actual programs, Amazon will pay an additional $55,000 on top of a 5% cut of merchandise and other royalties.

The company's original programming efforts are being led by former Fox, Comedy Central, and National Geographic Kids execs. It's no surprise, then, that the focus will at least initially be on comedies and children's shows.

[Image credit: Mike Seyfang]


This article was written by Randy Nelson and originally appeared on Tecca

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