Adorable vacuum robot can talk to you in three languages

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When it comes to robotic vacuum cleaners, Roomba's still the most well-known model. But there's a new vacuum robot from Japan that's attempting to conquer our hearts. And it can not only suck up all the dirt and grime from every corner of your home, but also talk to you in three different languages.

Talk to Sharp's dinner plate-sized Cocorobo, and it responds to you with the (metallic) voice of a young boy in Japanese, Chinese, or English. It can even speak in Kansai, which is a more laid-back and witty Japanese dialect used in some of the country's provinces. Ask it "How's it going?" and it will reply with: "So good." Adorable! Even its name is endearing: Cocorobo is a portmanteau of "kokoro," which is the Japanese word for heart, and "robot."

While it can't be controlled by your voice, it could be a great companion during lazy Sunday mornings when there's no one else awake in the house but you. Not that it needs to be controlled: The vacuum is completely autonomous and can navigate around your furniture on its own. And if you want to use its built-in camera to look behind the sofa for your missing remote control, you can see what it sees by using its upcoming Android or iPhone app.

You may have to wait for quite some time before Cocorobo makes it way stateside, though. It will be out in Japan next month for $1,600, and will head to China and other Asian countries next.


This article was written by Mariella Moon and originally appeared on Tecca

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