71-year-old web surfer chases off his would-be robbers

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If you've been thinking about robbing an internet cafe in Florida, you might want to reconsider. When a pair of masked robbers tried robbing the Palms Internet Café in Central Florida, they encountered quite a surprise: A 71-year-old web surfer with a concealed handgun.

The security video above shows a pair of 19-year-old robbers marching into the cafe like it was a real-life game of Grand Theft Auto, threatening its patrons with a baseball bat and a handgun. But while the would-be crooks are rounding up patrons, one fed-up vigilante had enough and started firing at the thieves. Amazingly, the bad guys scramble in total fear, falling over themselves as they race to leave the establishment, with the elderly man chasing them down every step of the way.

Both of the suspects were later picked up by police and charged with armed robbery. The elderly man had a permit for his gun, and will not face charges himself.

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This article was written by Fox Van Allen and originally appeared on Tecca

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