24 hours of worldwide eating mapped in terms of healthiness

Mike Wehner, Tecca
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Do you typically eat healthier in the morning than the evening? A new interactive map created using app data suggests that's the general trend, especially in the United States. Developer Massive Health compiled data from its Eatery app — which lets users take snapshots of their food and then grades how healthy it is — and used it to map eating habits around the world.

You can cycle through an entire day simply by moving your mouse from right to left across the web page. Green dots represent healthy food options, while yellow shows less-than-ideal nutritional items. Red dots are your typical junk food, candy, and deserts.

If you keep a close eye on the changing colors as the hours fly by you'll notice that mornings are filled with good food choices, but as daylight begins to fade, the colors take on yellow, orange, and red hues. This trend is particularly noticeable in the U.S., where sweets and untold numbers of bedtime snacks wreak havoc on an otherwise healthy day. Does the data reflect your eating habits, or are you an outlier?

[via Flowing Data]

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