Exclusive Interview! One Direction Plays With Dolls

Tiffany Lee
Stop The Presses!

Walking by the droves of tween and teen girls posted outside of their hotel, I had a genuine fear for my safety as each one looked me up and down while I waltzed into the lobby without problem. Such is the everyday life for the boys of One Direction.

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In an explosion of security guards, catering and hurried production people, we arrived at Hasbro's press day for the new One Direction dolls—that now sing. Immediately I was reassured that the dolls the boys will be holding during the interview will have their batteries removed, as previous interviews that day were a litany of button-pressing on One Direction's part. I tested one of the dolls that were displayed on a speaker in the corner, and even before the sound bite "That's what makes you beautiful" could finish, a chorus of groans floated out from behind the stage curtain. This was not going to be an easy interview.

In a flurry of foam bullets, in came Liam, Louis, Zayn, Harry and Niall. Louis and Zayn wielded some neon Nerf guns, showing off their sharp-shooting skills as they clamored into their seats on the set. Those bullets were pretty powerful, hitting the far wall a good 50 feet away. But our sound guy, who was accidentally shot point-blank while wiring up one of the lads' mics, didn't even flinch.

Boys will be boys as they say, but even with a sleepy Harry and a fidgety Louis, once the camera was rolling, One Direction lit up like the London Eye. Charming, fun and with a razor sharp English wit, the boys had the room under their spell. I just may be one of those girls waiting on the sidewalk next time.

Check out my interview above with the world's leading boy band!

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