Ed Sheeran Falls for Taylor Swift–Literally!–On Opening Night of Tour

Wendy Geller

Tons of guys have fallen head-over-heels for Taylor Swift--including fellow musician Ed Sheeran. And, in Sheeran's case, we mean literally fallen for her!

The singer-songwriter, who is opening up for Swift on her 2013 Red Tour, was in the middle of performing the trek's first show in Omaha, Nebraska--when he misjudged his footing between two speakers…and took a full-out tumble right in front of the audience's noses.

See for yourselves (the spill takes place right in the last five or so seconds of the clip, if you'd like to skip ahead).

Ouch! That had to smart a little bit--both pride-wise and body-wise!

However, the affable singer didn't dwell on the matter and made no mention of it on Twitter, choosing instead to discuss his breakfast the morning after. (An omelet, if you're wondering.)

Sheeran also has been "tripping" on the persistent press rumors that he's dating his tourmate Swift. "The thing that impressed me with the media is that because they wrote about it, my mates believed it. And my mates are texting me being like, 'Is it true?'" he told New Zealand's TVNZ. "So I said it wasn't, but the fact that people can believe it makes me feel like a bit of a stud, you know?"

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