Will you tune into ‘Flip Men’?

Aki Sugawara
Associate Editor

Will you dial in for another season of "Flip Men," , the Spike TV show where two entrepreneurs gamble that they can make a profit from a deeply distressed property?

Many of the homes they buy come from auctions - and often the properties have been abused as meth labs, a murder scene, or even infested with bees.

Part of the excitement stems from the fact that the Utah-based partners, Mike Baird and Doug Clark, are under pressure to buy these homes, sight unseen. You watch as they assess the damage, bring in a crew to clean it up, renovate it, stage it, market it and 'flip it' to a lucky buyer.

Here's a preview of Season 2. Apparently at one point our heroes go after an alleged drug dealer's car with a baseball bat.

The "Flip Men" season starts on Sunday, July 22 at 10PM ET/PT on Spike TV. Apparently there's no lack of inventory available for these shows - nearly 3,000 homes go into foreclosure each day.