Tour a nuclear missile silo that’s now an unusual home

Jennifer Karmon

Here at Yahoo! Homes, we've run stories about homes for the apocalyptic-minded before -- including, most recently, a nuclear-proof bunker for sale on eBay. But never have we shown you a video tour of a decommissioned missile site, let alone a bunker that has been converted into living space.


This, uh, durable abode in Saranac, N.Y., in Adirondack State Park includes a launch-control-center-slash-living-space that extends 40 feet underground, plus a 180-foot-deep unfinished Atlas F missile silo, plus an airstrip. Charmingly, owner Bruce Francisco asserts that the possibilities for that missile shaft are endless: "Think of a skyscraper," he urges, perhaps including a hydroponic paradise or a data storage center.

Before the early 1990s, when the owners began cleaning up the site, only a small concrete entrance existed above-ground. Since then, the owners have built a nearly 2,000-square-foot house around the entrance. As WPTZ-TV reporter David Schneider puts it: "mountain retreat above, apocalyptic shelter below." The walls underground are 3-foot-thick reinforced concrete, built to withstand a direct nuclear blast. The doors that separate the bunker from the outside world weigh more than a ton.

Drooling yet? Well, guess what: It's for sale. It'll set you back a mere $750,000, and that includes 20 acres of land and use of the runway. You can check out the listing on Yahoo! Homes if you don't believe us.

To see more images of the house on Yahoo! Homes, click the listing agent's illustration below: