Stalin's dacha in Sochi: Flickr Focus of the Week

Jennifer Karmon
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The Winter Olympic Games have trained the world's eyes on Sochi, Russia -- but for Joseph Stalin, the Black Sea resort town was instead a place for the notoriously paranoid despot to escape attention.

His Sochi dacha (villa) blended in with the surrounding forest, protecting him from aerial bombardment. Snipers were posted on the roof. "You don't see the house, painted in dark-green camouflage colors, until you are right by it," recent visitor Anshel Pfeffer of Haaretz writes.

Several of the photos here were taken by Olga Stavrakis, aka Travel With Olga on Flickr, who was born in Ukraine during World War II but has lived in Minnesota since 1969, according to her Flickr profile. She writes in the captions on her dacha photos:

"Stalin had a hidden dacha in Sochi, Russia, which is on the Black Sea in a district called the Kuban. It was painted green for camouflage. He was paranoid and crazy, and considering what he did to others, he had plenty to fear himself. It is now a hotel, and you can rent his private bedroom, which was on the first floor. It is a bit creepy being there, especially if your family had been affected by him and those who supported him. He did not act alone when he killed over 20 million of our countrymen."

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Through Friday, Yahoo Homes will be looking at Stalin's Sochi dacha as our Flickr Focus of the Week. Come back each day to see another space in the residence, plus the story behind it:

Monday: The grounds of Stalin's Sochi dacha.

Tuesday: Stalin's study.

Wednesday: Stalin's indoor pool.

Thursday: Stalin's billiard table.

Friday: A slideshow wrap-up.

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