A soda fountain right in your refrigerator door

Jennifer Karmon
SpacesFebruary 15, 2013
The Samsung RF31FMESBSR Four-Door Refrigerator is due out in April.
The Samsung RF31FMESBSR Four-Door Refrigerator is due out in April.

Fountain drink aficionados, prepare to fizz.

Samsung announced today that it's collaborating with SodaStream -- manufacturers of the make-your-own-soda machine -- on a refrigerator that will dispense cold soda water, aka sparkling water, right from the door. For those of you who are picky about your bubble density, you'll be able to select from three levels of carbonation, too, just by pushing a button. The fridge uses the same mechanism that dispenses noncarbonated water and ice.

Mix in your syrup and you're ready to go. No more 2-liter bottles to wrangle, no more late-night trips to 7-Eleven to quench your addiction -- you've basically got a soda fountain right there in your refrigerator door. (What, am I alone in my addiction? I can detail for you a hierarchy of my carbonation preferences: fountain first, then glass bottle, plastic bottle, can. And don't get me started on which fast-food joints have the optimum bubble-to-syrup ratio, which are the most consistent, which have the best straw ... OK, you twisted my arm: McDonald's on all accounts, especially when its $1 deal is in place, but 7-Eleven is a close second.)

The new Samsung RF31FMESBSR Four-Door Refrigerator is due out in April and will cost about (gulp) $3,900. But hey, it's a small price to pay when you consider that the pinnacle of soda technology, the space-age-looking Coca-Cola Freestyle machine, reportedly leases for $320 a month and doesn't even have a vegetable crisper.