Sheryl Crow and the home she's been trying to sell for four years

Jennifer Karmon

Singer Sheryl Crow went through a rough patch about 10 years ago, when she learned she had breast cancer and underwent a lumpectomy. "It really made me consider how I wanted the rest of my life to look," Crow told People magazine. So in 2007, she adopted her first son, Wyatt, and not long afterward she bought a 150-acre farm outside Nashville, Tennessee, to be near her sister and parents.

It sounds idyllic in a 2008 People article:

"We have a 'white-trash backyard,'" jokes Crow. "We pop out the side of the tour bus and set up our lawn chairs, the baby pool and the iPod speakers. It's totally a tailgate." ...

Wyatt's presence also prompted Crow to transform what was once an "ostentatious southern mansion" of modern brick and stone into a cozier, kid-friendly space. She repainted rooms in neutral shades, put in dark-wood floors and added eclectic touches: black-and-white photos of horses and a newborn Wyatt; vintage doll heads; oversize animal anatomy posters; an early 1900s angel lithograph above Wyatt's crib. In her barn there's even a brass-and-wood saloon bar she found on Craigslist, flanked by two Wild West death masks. Explains Crow, whose vintage-inspired Bootheel Trading Co. clothing line hit Dillard's stores in August: "I've always loved antiques and eccentric conversation pieces."

Now comfortably settled into her home, Crow is focused on little Wyatt and her Nashville circle of mom friends that includes country singers Faith Hill and Sara Evans. "I call her last minute to see if she's up for dinner or coffee, and she's always ready to hang," says Evans, who's known Crow for three years. "We get our kids together and just talk as girlfriends. That's really the attitude of Nashville, being available for your friends."

Still, the life of a rock star is one of constant change, and in 2010 she put the place up for sale.

Almost four years later, she's still trying to unload it. The price is now almost half what it was when she initially listed it.

We have a huge slideshow of the property -- which she's now offering in a more manageable parcel of 50 acres for $3.85 million, after several price maneuvers and an unfruitful online auction -- but we also wanted to share a couple of videos. The first shows her in 2008, talking to People about raising Wyatt in Tennessee; the interview is conducted in her favorite spot, the barn. The second is from the online auction a few years ago.


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