Rubio’s water bottle is no stranger to the spotlight (captions wanted!)

Jennifer Karmon

The buzziest -- or perhaps we should say guzzliest -- moment surrounding Tuesday night's State of the Union address was the slurp heard 'round the world: As Sen. Marco Rubio delivered Republicans' response, he was afflicted with a dry mouth and streeeeeetched to reach his water bottle off-camera.

The Curbed real estate blog has since uncovered evidence that Rubio has long been inclined to give his water a starring role. His West Miami home has been on the market for some time now, and take a look at this property photo:

Care to take a crack at a caption in the comments below?

(Supply your own caption in the comments below.)
(Supply your own caption in the comments below.)

P.S. You can click the photo to go to the Rubio home listing, where the bottle makes two more cameos.