The most and least stressed-out states

Jennifer Karmon

We can't imagine this will come as too big of a surprise: Guess which state is the least stressed?

Yep. Hawaii.

Gallup quizzed people across the nation daily last year for its Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index, asking whether they'd felt stress "a lot of the day yesterday." The data, just released this week, show that for 2012, Hawaiians were least likely to report having felt stress: Just 32.1 percent said yes, compared with 40.6 percent of Americans overall. Hawaiians were also the least stressed in 2011, 2010, 2009 and 2008, when Gallup first started asking.

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Hawaiians were also the most likely to have experienced enjoyment "a lot of the day yesterday": 89.7 percent of them said they had, compared with 84.9 percent of Americans overall.

Guess living in paradise will do that to you.

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One surprise does emerge from the survey, though. As you'd expect, states that experienced the least stress also reported the most enjoyment, and states that were more stressed reported feeling less enjoyment ...

Except in Utah. Utah scored in the top five states for both stress and enjoyment. Gallup doesn't quite know what to make of that, other than that it suggests "a complex relationship between stress and other emotions." (What do you think explains this anomaly? Tell us in the comments.)

Here are the five most stressed-out states, as measured by the proportion of people who reported feeling stress "a lot of the day yesterday":

West Virginia, 47.1 percent

Rhode Island, 46.3 percent

Kentucky, 44.8 percent

Utah, 44.6 percent

Massachusetts, 43.4 percent

The five least stressed-out states:

Hawaii, 32.1 percent

Louisiana, 37.6 percent

Mississippi, 37.9 percent

Iowa, 38.1 percent

Wyoming, 38.6 percent

The five states that experienced the most enjoyment:

Hawaii, 89.7 percent

Wyoming, 88.8 percent

Utah, 88.7 percent

North Dakota, 87.9 percent

Idaho, 87.3 percent

The five states that experienced the least enjoyment:

Rhode Island, 80.4 percent

Kentucky, 81.3 percent

New Jersey, 82.0 percent

New York, 82.1 percent

West Virginia, 82.7 percent