Can we get you to love wallpaper?

Jennifer Karmon

When we ran a piece recently about the resurgence of wallpaper, illustrated by the photo here, a lot of people loved this bathroom treatment. But of those who didn't, the backlash was pretty severe. Sample comments on our wallpaper Facebook post:

"I cringe."

"Hate it!"

"Would rather pull nails from my head than have wallpaper!"

"Pass, pass, no way, thank you. It's too hard and messy to remove, and much more difficult to change decor. I've used it in two homes, and will not ever do it again."

"It's just hard to get the wallpaper from the '70s out of my mind."

"Gonna pass. I have had to scrape way too many layers of wallpaper off walls!"

"Looks like the bargain bin of Wal-Mart."

"Just removed all of ours. Never again!"

Well, at Yahoo! Homes, we love few things so much as a challenge. So we asked ourselves whether we could change your minds.

Many complaints seemed to focus on how hard wallpaper is to install and remove. So we narrowed down our search to temporary wallpaper that's easy to peel off when you're tired of it.

We also tried to stick to modern wallpapers that don't have too strong a whiff of the 1970s or Victorian tweeishness (yes, we just made that word up).

Click through our examples here. Then let us know in the comments how we did. Have we opened your mind to the possibilities of wallpaper? (If not: Have you considered stencils lately?)

First up: An of-the-moment chevron pattern in a safe, cool gray.

Chevron prints are still feeling trendy. This one is a bold pattern, but in a comfortably subtle hue. It's printed on self-adhesive, removable, reusable fabric. Sold by Artisan Wall Tiles of Chicago on Etsy for $22 per 24-inch-by-40-inch tile (with discounts for more than three tiles); also available in black, aqua and coral.

Next: Color-punctuated triangles.


Continuing the geometric theme, this wallpaper from the Wall Sticker Company in Australia ships worldwide. It's about $160 for a sheet that measures 50 inches by 100 inches.

Next: Escape into a French wall mural.

If you can't go to Paris, bring Paris to you. This mural from the Wall Sticker Company costs about $470 and arrives in six panels that cover an area totaling about 150 inches by 100 inches. It's available in black and white or with a purple cast, and the image can be a wide view as seen here or a close-up of the Eiffel Tower.

Next: A bold botanical from Urban Outfitters.

This wall mural, designed by artist Lulie Wallace, is $99 at Urban Outfitters and measures 6 feet by 6 feet. Urban Outfitters promises that it's "just as easy to remove as it is to apply!"

Next: A quieter modern take on nature.

If you're looking for something more delicately nature-inspired, this birch wallpaper should fit the bill. Designed by Lara Cameron for the Wall Sticker Company and available in several dozen colors (!), it's about $160 for a sheet that measures 50 inches by 100 inches.

Next: A map splashed across the wall.

This world map mural from the Wall Sticker Company costs between about $250 and $550, depending whether you order the whole world or just half of it.

Next: Bold, fearless stripes.

Hey, it's removable, right? So why not take a risk? Interior in Style of Australia sells this boldly striped removable wallpaper for about $130 for a panel measuring roughly 95 inches by 30 inches.