Look sharp with geometric decor

Jennifer Karmon

Geometric patterns -- triangles in particular -- seem to be everywhere these days. Here are a few stylish but subtle ways to incorporate angles and give softer spaces a brainy edge.

The Brendan Ravenhill Cord Lamp at the Curiosity Shoppe is a study in minimal beauty. It would be perfectly at home in an industrial-inspired space, but its clean and simple lines make it versatile, too -- and the $250 price tag isn't bad considering that its progenitor, Jean Prouve's Swing-Jib lamp, has sold at auction for more than $20,000.

If stark and minimal isn't quite your thing, but you'd still like to incorporate the trend, try a naturalistic spin on angles. Donna Wilson's whimsical mountain pillows are a nice combination of sharp and soft, and comes in both vibrant and muted colorways. And the owl-and-pussycat cushion -- complete with pea-green boat! -- is irresistible. Wilson is based in London but ships to the U.S.

The classic George Nelson Sunburst Clock from Vitra would be a radiant (sorry, couldn't resist) addition to any wall. The cost is a fairly steep $420, but maybe that's a small price to pay for the design cred it confers?

The exuberant Lourdes Sanchez Bull's-Eye Rug at West Elm, based on a watercolor painting by Sanchez, would be a stunning complement to the Nelson clock -- or if that's too over-the-top for you, then try separating them for a subtler motif that carries from one room to another.

For a truly intellectual and ever-changing display of geometrics, consider a tangram set. The ancient puzzle traditionally includes seven pieces cut from a square, and a warm 8-by-8-inch version from Thailand is listed on Etsy for $12.95. A 10-piece version by woodworker David Janelle on Etsy is $19; it comes in alder or cherry, but he can use other woods upon request. For a video of his set in action, check out YouTube.

How do you incorporate geometrics into your space? Leave a comment below. Or join our Flickr group and add images of your home angles in action; we'd love to see what you've got. We might even feature them in a future post!