Indoor pool in Stalin's Sochi dacha: Flickr Focus of the Week

Jennifer Karmon

Russian dictator Joseph Stalin feared assassins and couldn't swim, but he still enjoyed a refreshing dip in the sea. So if you can't bring Stalin to the ocean, you bring the ocean to Stalin. His dacha (or villa) on the Black Sea in Sochi was equipped with a small indoor pool -- "so small it more closely resembles an oversized sunken bath," says CNN -- filled with trucked-in seawater that reached his shoulders. "He liked walking alone in the water," writes Haaretz.

Through Friday, Yahoo Homes is looking at Stalin's Sochi dacha as our Flickr Focus of the Week to coincide with the Winter Olympics. Come back each day to see another space in the residence, plus the story behind it:

Monday: The grounds of Stalin's Sochi dacha.

Tuesday: Stalin's study.

Today: Stalin's indoor pool.

Thursday: Stalin's billiard table.

Friday: A slideshow wrap-up.

More about Yahoo Homes' new Flickr Focus of the Week feature

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