Feb. 7: 50 years after Beatles land in America, British design continues its invasion

Ilyce R. Glink
Yahoo! Homes Contributor
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50 years ago today, The Beatles arrived in the U.S., bringing with them the first wave of the British Invasion.

Though they were household names in the U.K., and had their first U.S. No. 1 single with “I Want to Hold Your Hand” they weren’t sure how they would be received in the U.S.

Any fears were quickly squashed when a crowd of somewhere between 3,000 and 5,000 greeted their flight at JFK Airport in New York. Two days later, they made their famous appearance on the “Ed Sullivan Show.”

Americans became obsessed with the band, but also British culture itself, and that obsession still sticks around today (it was even amplified by the Royal Wedding and the 2012 London Olympics). You can find British Invasion designs, particularly Britain’s Union Jack flag, planted in homes throughout the U.S. even across the world.

See how the British Invasion design aesthetic continues to invade homes around the world.

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