Experiment with these fantastic test-tube chandeliers

Jennifer Karmon

Designers' ingenuity never fails to inspire us, particularly when it's as simple and elegant as these test-tube chandeliers by Polish designer Pani Jurek.

Both whimsical and endlessly customizable, the chandeliers are available through Etsy in single-tiered and double-tiered versions ($175 and $245 respectively, plus $50 shipping to the United States; click here or on any of the photos to go to the Etsy shop). They're named "Maria S.C.," after Polish scientist and Nobel winner Marie Curie's Polish name.

The chandeliers' possibilities lie not only in what you put into the test tubes but how many of the test tubes you choose to hang and in what configuration, since the tubes are removable.

The single version has 60 test tubes, the double version 96. Both are 18.5 inches across, with about a 43-inch drop from the ceiling, though Pani Jurek can change the length for you. The light bulb, an E27 up to 100 watts, isn't included, but the ceramic bulb socket and ceiling rose are, as are the wooden hoop(s) and the strings they hang from.

The chandeliers would also make a lovely DIY project as a mobile, without the light bulb. If you're handy enough to make the wooden hoops yourself, you're set; otherwise, you might try a less ambitious, lighter-weight version with just a few test tubes hanging from a wooden embroidery hoop, maybe using colored string. Just make sure you use the kind of test tube that has a lip, so that it doesn't slip its string.

We first saw Pani Jurek's work on the ever-wonderful site Colossal. How would you customize a test-tube chandelier?

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