Doses of color energize a calm scene

Jennifer Karmon

Yesterday in this space, we wrote about a beautiful photo called "Calm" (see it below) that we'd found in our Flickr group. The simple scene of a table and chairs was quite classic, but the table contained a surprising centerpiece: broccoli!

It turns out that the Flickr photographer who lives there, Tim Sidford (aka Sweetington on Flickr), restyled the same area a year later -- and that's the photo you see above.

Most of his changes were subtle, and yet the space has a whole different mood now. He changed out the artwork, and introduced shots of lemon and blue that pick up on the small portrait on the wall as well as the atmospheric landscapes, leading the eye around. The tiny little bureaus perched on one picture frame are a lighthearted echo of the massive bureau to the left -- and we suspect they might be Sidford's own handiwork. Although he describes himself as a freelance musician/teacher in his Flickr profile, he's also a gifted miniaturist (click here to see his miniature "shelf houses," and click here to see what he calls his "bonkers hobby of creating miniature interiors").

But our very favorite part of the photo might be the plate with a celery stalk, which we choose to see as a nod to the aforementioned broccoli.

Do you have before-and-after scenes from your home, too? We'd love to see pictures. Click here to join Yahoo Homes' Flickr group, where you can share your photos with us and, of course, fellow members of the group. We might even feature them on the blog.

Which styling of the space do you prefer? Let us know in the comments!