DIY eye: 100 hot home decor finds

Matt Jones

What home decorating ideas will they think of next? More to the point, which of these DIY projects will you make next?

In my search of the top DIY projects on the Web, I spied a number of helpful, if typical, top 10 lists we all see at this time of year: top 10 kitchen projects, top 10 designer bathrooms, top 10 handcrafts, etc.

But I also spotted a rather ambitious, not to say over-the-top, totally great grouping of 100 DIY Projects That Will Make You Proud. This collection of handy home decorating how-tos showcased by CasaSugar (shameless plug: now a regular contributor to Yahoo! Homes) runs the gamut of must-make goodies to just plain good ideas. Whatever item catches your eye, there's sure to be a fun doodad (or do-mom) for your home.

You'll find projects for handmade furniture, custom wall hangings, decorative table settings, and everything imaginable in between. My favorites, pictured from the top: a tub that tantalizes with multicolored glass tiles, a sweet shabby-chic shelf made from a wine crate and painted frame, and pretty place-card terrariums "under glass."

Cool projects, right? What's more, this collection is simply a smart cross-section of what I see trending everywhere in DIY projects for home decor.

Because many folks are hanging onto their homes longer today, opting to spruce up rather than move up, DIY tasks that were once mostly fix-its are now becoming dress-its, too.

That means there are a lot more decorating DIY inspirations to come from today's best designers on Yahoo! Homes, so keep coming back for a look-see on our latest projects.

In the meantime, I'll also keep a watchful DIY eye for more decorative project ideas around the Web to share with you here.

And you can do us all a fun favor by sharing your best DIY projects, too, in Yahoo! Homes' Flickr group.