Cactus needles and spice tins make a colorful, tactile vignette from Yahoo Homes’ Flickr group

Jennifer Karmon

This isn't the first time we've featured a photo by H Is for Home -- aka Adelle Robinson and Justin Keefe -- from Yahoo Homes' Flickr group. About a year ago we ran a picture here on the blog that we called "A warm corner to read" and rhapsodized about how the "textures are almost palpable." And now in this photo, we find similar textural contrasts: the tins' smooth metal, the prickly cactus needles, the porous terra cotta planters, the crushed shells, and the rough aged wood that everything sits on.

You don't have to collect pricey vintage tins to assemble a scene like this. In fact, although H Is for Home even runs a store of vintage items, its owners write in the Flickr caption: "These were all new tins when we bought them. We used the contents (we use a lot of smoked paprika, curry powder and olive oil!)." They've written more about the idea on their blog, H Is for Home, where they talk about how the shape of the plants nicely complements the tins. (Notice, for example, how the round cactus in the front at left mimics the shape of the pimento peppers!)

How do you use texture in the home? Whether you're a blogger, an industry professional or a homeowner with a good eye, we'd love to see pictures of your work. Just head over to Yahoo Homes' Flickr group to share them. We might even feature them on our site!

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