Bijan home, a lab for ‘most expensive store in the world,’ sells for $9.8 million

Jennifer Karmon

The Beverly Hills home that was an incubator for the so-called "most expensive store in the world" recently sold for $9.8 million, about $2 million under its asking price, according to the Los Angeles Times. Click here or on a photo to see a slideshow of the home.

Bijan Pakzad -- or simply Bijan, as he preferred to be called -- owned the eponymous by-appointment-only Rodeo Drive boutique where President Obama, both Bushes and Clinton bought suits. His devil-may-care luxury aesthetic was so distinctively over the top that when he died in 2011, the New York Times' T Magazine declared: "The '80s are officially over."

He poured a great deal of care into his home, which the Bijan boutique website cites as the wellspring of much of his "best creative expression and inspiration." Neighbors and passersby recognized the mansion at 100 Copley Place by the hundreds of flowerpots lining the property; the pots' contents changed with the seasons. The grounds also contained orange trees, bougainvillea, fig and roses.

Inside, a chandelier made of Bijan perfume bottles hung in the grand formal dining room, "making the grand formal dining room the centerpiece of the home," Hilton & Hyland real estate agency said.

The agency called particular attention to "his successful trademark style of deliberate color combinations in the home's interior" and "his superior craftsmanship in the art of presentation" on the estate grounds, as well as a "secret garden."

Monochromatic themes in each room introduced a playful formality, though his signature sunshine yellow dominated.

Click here or on a photo to see a slideshow of the home.