A beautiful, evolving shelf with a charming name

Jennifer Karmon

This display shelf, tucked into the corner where two walls meet, is made by The Fundamental Shop and dubbed A Few of My Favourite Things. But beyond being a display of museum-worthy objects, the shelf itself is a work of art. This is from the product description:

"A feature of solid wood in this scale is that as it expands and contracts with the seasons, cracks will develop and grow, adding character and depth of texture to this piece as it matures. These do not affect structural integrity."

I find that concept really beautiful, especially as customer Derek of Ireland describes it on the site:

"The first night I had the piece in my apartment, it kept me up at night, the wood creaking as it adjusted to the warmth of my apartment. The morning after, it released the most amazing smell of resin. A phenomenal object."

The double shelf, pictured at top, sells for 240 euros, or about $310, and the inset photo of a "plug-in module" for tiny objects is 58 euros, or about $75.

The German company does ship abroad. Don't be fooled by your first glance of the website; although some pages appear to be only in German, an English translation is below if you scroll down the page. Just experiment with the untranslated tabs, most of which are pretty obvious. (For those that aren't: "Hilfe" means "help" and is essentially the FAQ section, and "warenkorb" means cart. I found Google Translate equal to the task for the few untranslated phrases I came across.

If you do buy one, will you report back to us here at Yahoo! Homes and let us know if it lives up to its promise? We're at yahoohomes@yahoo-inc.com.