After Week 4, NFL still predicting a Romney victory

Chris Wilson
The Signal

According to our highly scientific 31 rules for using the NFL to predict the election, Mitt Romney now has a 69 percent chance of winning in November.

Two weeks ago, I published a rule for every NFL franchise to compete with the Redskins Rule, which demonstrates a strong correlation between Washington's last home game before the election and the outcome of the presidential race. Four of those rules involve games played Sunday or Monday. The total score now stands at nine rules pointing to a Romney win and four pointing to an Obama win. The update is below.

The Bears Rule: If, in Chicago's fourth game, more than 5 percent of the quarterback's completions are for touchdowns, the Democrat wins. Otherwise, the Republican wins.

Verdict: Obama wins. On Monday, Bears QB Jay Cutler threw 18 completions for two touchdowns, an 11 percent rate.

The Buccaneers Rule: If Tampa Bay scores more than 14 points in its fourth game, the out-of-power party wins the White House. Otherwise, the incumbent party wins.

Verdict: Romney wins. Tampa Bay scored 22 points vs. Washington on Sept. 30.

The Bills Rule: If the opposing team in Buffalo's second home game throws for more than 160 yards, the Republican wins the election. Otherwise, the Democrat wins.

Verdict: Romney wins. New England threw for 340 yards on Sept. 30.

The Titans Rule: If Tennessee fumbles at least twice in its second away game, the incumbent party wins the White House. Otherwise, the out-of-power party wins.

Verdict: Obama wins. Tennessee fumbled twice at Houston on Sept. 30.