Twenty-five ways to tweet the convention

Chris Wilson
The Signal

Unlike domain names, hashtags on Twitter aren't owned by anyone, so it's common to see a trend originate with one group and then be co-opted by another. We saw this tug-of-war today over the hashtag #DNCin4Words, which attracted contributions from both supporters and detractors of President Barack Obama.

Below are the top 25 most popular entries among 18,178 that the Signal was able to parse from the Twitter data feed, as determined by those that were either highly retweeted or so obvious that multiple people came up with them. As you see, there's a mix of negative or sarcastic slogans along with a handful of what appear to be genuinely positive ones.

entry frequency
where's mitt's tax returns? 302
you didn't build that 273
budget? what's a budget? 109
feigning compassion, peddling hate 101
we h8 others' greed 101
mitt romney's tax returns 84
obama is our man 69
why work? vote democrat 68
mene mene tekel upharsin 57
independent blacks not welcome 56
who made this mess? 54
class gender race hustlers 53
change that never happens 50
hey look, a squirrel 49
women are people too 49
this seat is taken 46
are you embarrassed yet? 45
skin color, not character 45
we exploit all minorities 43
bank of america stadium 41
my record doesn't matter 41
we still blame bush 40
empty promises empty chair 39
obama 2012 romney 1040 36
paul ryan scares us 35

Unfortunately, the Signal's Twitter analysis engines didn't quite pick up this tag soon enough to determine who started it. The analytics firm Topsy first registered it around 8 p.m. ET yesterday, but the Twitter API does not allow searches past a certain point. As these things go, however, it matters far less who started it than who stole the reins.

Below is a graph of the volume that we picked up.