Ron Paul winning the Twitter race, falling in prediction markets

David Pennock
The Signal

As the votes are being counted in Iowa, the twitterverse is ablaze with comments about #iacaucus. True to form, Ron Paul's hall-of-mirrors effect on the Internet is propelling him to win the race for biggest buzz, including most tweets and most searches.

Meanwhile, after taking a brief lead in the prediction markets, peaking near a 50 percent chance to win Iowa, Paul is now down again to just about 10 percent likelihood of coming out on top in the Hawkeye State. Mitt Romney has regained status as the favorite at 52 percent with Rick Santorum at 39 percent.

Other interesting twitterbits: #sexdungeon is now a top trending hashtag for Rick Santorum, thanks to a prank by @BorowitzReport. Unrelated, we think: Mitt Romney's wife Ann is trending after her last minute appeal.