Yosemite junior ranger returns two sticks to the park

Mike Krumboltz
The Sideshow

Cars fill a parking lot near Yosemite Falls (David McNew/Getty)
Cars fill a parking lot near Yosemite Falls (David McNew/Getty)

When visiting a national park, one should always leave things exactly as they were. Hats off to Evie, a junior ranger at Yosemite National Park, for living the motto. After returning home from a trip to the internationally known park, young Evie discovered that she had "accidentally brought home two sticks."

Honest Evie put the sticks in the mail and sent them back to Yosemite along with a letter that even the most jaded nature-hater would find completely charming.

Dear Park Rangers,

I am a Yosemite Junior Ranger. I went to Yosemite recently and accidentally brought home two sticks. I know I'm not supposed to take things from the park, so I am sending them back. Please put them in nature.

Thank you,


A photo of the letter was posted on Yosemite's official Facebook page with this explanation: "The rangers that answer the phone and mail in our public information office receive a lot of letters, but this might be one of the best in recent years."

Commenters praised Evie's honesty. One reader wrote, "Thats (sic) the kind of future leaders we need. Honest enough to admit their mistakes, and honorable enough to correct what they did." Another wrote, "Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints. Great kid!"