Here’s yolk on your face

Mike Krumboltz
The Sideshow

Two competitors sit on opposite sides of a table. They look nervous. And they should. Each has a one-in-six chance of being "eliminated" in a most icky way.

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A crowd looks on. Like spectators at a gladiator pit, they demand excitement. They get it! One man reaches for an egg, palms it, then smashes it against his forehead. The yolk explodes, the crowd roars, and the competitor hangs his head in shame, eliminated from the Egg Russian Roulette.

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Yes, it's a real thing. Here's how it works: Two people reach into a carton of six eggs. Five are hard boiled and one isn't. If you get the one that isn't, you're out of the contest and in need of a shower ASAP.

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While it may not be in the best of taste, watching men and women slap their heads with eggs makes for a surprisingly pleasant way to pass the time. Check out the video below from ITN News and see if you don't agree.