Woman saves father from burning home after father went in to help neighbor

Mike Krumboltz
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When Roger Huff of Virginia Beach, Va., heard his neighbor scream for help with a fire, he rushed into action.

Little did Huff know that he would need to be rescued himself and that his daughter, 22-year-old Ashleigh Williams, would save his life.

WAVY reports that after Huff rushed into Larquan Shoulders' home with his fire extinguisher on Tuesday evening, he became overwhelmed by the thick smoke. Williams, who followed him to the fire, spoke to WTKR about how she and Shoulders saw her father choke and fall to the ground. 

Williams and Shoulders, 18, dragged Huff out of the smoke-filled apartment. She performed chest compressions, and Huff soon came back around and gasped for fresh air.

She told WTKR, "I know he would do it for me or any of our neighbors had that he would do the same thing. He proved that yesterday also."

The father, clearly proud of his daughter, said, "It’s not every day that a dad is saved by his baby girl or any of his kids."

Shoulders' mother, Tiniki Riddick, told WVEC that she was grateful for Huff's bravery and that her own son could help the man who helped save their home.

Williams told WAVY that she remembered what she'd learned in elementary school. “I got down low under the smoke and tried to get him out as fast as we could.”

The fire did not result in any extreme property damage or serious injuries. Huff is expected to make a full recovery, according to WAVY.

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