Woman allegedly threatens neighbor with plunger over foul odor

Mike Krumboltz
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File photo of plunger (Thinkstock)
File photo of plunger (Thinkstock)

A Massachusetts woman upset by a foul odor emanating from her neighbor's house is in hot water after allegedly threatening to hit the neighbor with a plunger.

The Lowell Sun reports Irene Cohen, 44, was released on personal recognizance after she pleaded not guilty to assault with a dangerous weapon.

The alleged incident took place on Sunday, the Lowell Sun reports. The neighbor told police that Cohen was angry over some plumbing work that had caused a bad smell to waft from the property.

From the Lowell Sun:

During a confrontation with the victim, Cohen allegedly began to yell at her and spit in her face, then picked up the plunger, raised it above her head, and threatened to hit her with it.

The victim described Cohen as "wildly out of control." The victim ran back inside her house for fear of being hit.

According to police reports cited by the Lowell Sun, Cohen did admit to arguing with the neighbor over the smell, but denied using a plunger in a threatening manner. Cohen also said the neighbor spit in her face and called her a racist slur. The neighbor denied those allegations.