Woman accused of slapping deputy so she’d go to jail and quit smoking

Mike Krumboltz

File this one under "B" for "Bad Ideas."

A woman allegedly slapped a Sacramento County deputy in order to get arrested. Why? So she would go to jail and be forced to give up smoking cigarettes.

CBS-Sacramento reports that Deputy Matt Campoy was leaving his shift when he felt a slap across his face.

"It was totally unprovoked," said Campoy. "She stepped into me and slapped me in the face."

Etta Lopez, 31, was arrested immediately, according to CBS-Sacramento. The station reports that Lopez sat in front of the jail for hours before allegedly slapping Campoy.

“She told us that she needed to quit smoking,” Campoy told CBS-Sacramento. "She explained it with great detail as to why.”

Lopez is being held in Sacramento County Jail on assault charges. And, yes, the jail is smoke-free, according to CBS-Sacramento.