North Korean wedding registry: What would you get Kim Jong Un and Ri Sol Ju?

Max Zimbert

There are wedding bells in Pyongyang. Breaking with his father's tradition, North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un has a wife, Ri Sol Ju, and the 24 million North Korean residents have a first lady for the first time in a generation.

We've pooled some ideas and asked our readers what they think would be good wedding gifts to offer North Korea's supreme leader, also known the Chairman of the Central Military Commission, First Chairman of the National Defense Commission of North Korea, First Secretary of the Workers' Party of Korea, and the Supreme Commander of the Korean People's Army.

Water-powered jet packs: Perhaps the greatest invention since inventions were recorded, every dictator deserves some solo flying time. For $100,000, these jet packs can thrust 30 feet off the ground and propel you at 30 miles per hour. (Photo credit:

Who wouldn't want the fastest starship bed in the galaxy? The perfect gift for any interplanetary leader, the Millennium Falcon bed, is just a concept for now, although the supreme leader probably knows a guy who can make this a reality. (Photo credit: Kayla Kromer)

The reportedly censored version of "MTV Cribs: World Despots" reveals Kim Jong Un has several luxury cars in different gem stones. But who among the world's 0.01 percent wouldn't love a token gesture like a trophy car? (Photo credit:

For pets and political prisoners alike, these pet beds not only absorb smelly odors, but they are easy to wash via the innovative unzipping fabric. The Shark Pet Bed is among the cheaper gifts on the "KimRi" registry and could be yours for $69.99. (Photo credit:

You need not be a dictator or animal lover to enjoy a 12-foot T-Rex in your yard. Costing less than $40,000, you can combine and collect any prehistoric era you wish. (Photo credit:

Censured North Korean tabloid reporters wish they could get word out that Kim Jong Un is rumored to seek anyone who can overthrow the tyranny of Ticketmaster. "If Hosni Mubarack can go, so can Ticketmaster," is a typical comment recorded in Jong Un's deputies' notepads.

Libyan dictators loved this gag! For $42.95, this alarm clock's snooze button initiates every dictator's favorite nuclear countdown, and like the real thing, this clock requires you cut the right wire before time runs out. (Photo credit:

What wedding gifts would you suggest for the newlyweds? Post your ideas in the comments below or tweet us @YahooNews using #GiftsForKimRi. Here are some of our readers' ideas so far: