What happens to the streakers after their streak ends?

Mike Krumboltz, Yahoo News

Ever wonder what happens to streakers once they're tackled and dragged off the field while the crowd roars with a mixture of laughter and annoyance?

You're in luck. Sports Illustrated's Extra Mustard blog recently interviewed seven streakers from games past to figure out what makes 'em tick and whether they were seriously punished for running around in their birthday suits.

Not everyone SI interviewed went onto the field of play in the altogether. (Side note: Is a streaker really a streaker if s/he is dressed?) But all said there were repercussions for interrupting a sporting event. Some of the repercussions were serious (one man says he was put on a sex offenders list) while others involved community service, fines and lectures from parents.

One of the streakers said she had to face parental wrath when her mom picked her up at the police station.

Via Sports Illustrated:

I’m the only one that had to be picked up by my mom at the police
station. The whole ride home I got a lecture about how disappointed she
was in me. I was mad at my sisters for leaving me alone with her.

Another streaker said that while his parents were less than pleased, his classmates gave him their approval:

My parents were furious. I was grounded for a decent amount of time, and
they told me I had to fix any resulting messes on my own. But at school
the next day, I got a standing ovation in my homeroom class. And then
when I walked into the cafeteria at lunch, I got another standing
ovation. I even got called down into my vice principal’s office and was