We can haz delivered kittenz?

Mike Krumboltz
The Sideshow

OK, so it's not exactly hard news, but this story was too cuddly to ignore.

Uber, a car service, has teamed up with meme blog Cheezburger to deliver kittens for temporary play dates to offices in New York, San Francisco and Seattle in honor of National Cat Day.

Interested in setting aside a quarter hour to hang with an adorable kitteh? The play date will run you $20. Not cheap, but all proceeds go to local animal shelters, Business Insider reports. Plus, those who take cat-vantage of the offer are treated to cupcakes (while supplies last).

And though the service is limited to just a few major cities, it's already a worldwide hit on Twitter. Some users are reporting that they're having trouble booking a play date, the service is so popular. 

Curious as to what type of car the kittens arrive in? Twitter user @daysofdane has a suggestion.

The ASPCA posted a few photos of satisfied customers.