Watch corgis live 24/7 with the CorgiCam (VIDEO)

Eric Pfeiffer

If you can't get enough adorable corgi dogs in your life, we may have a solution for you: The 24/7 CorgiCam, which was launched today by The Pet Collective.

A livestream showcases the moment-to-moment happenings of a newborn litter of four baby corgis and their mother, Brinkley.

The baby corgis were born just two weeks ago, and with their doting mother, they will be under professional supervision at all times at a corgi specialist facility in Southern California.

And who knows, one of this happy new breed may just prove to be the next "Corgi Rae."

"Now, whenever they need a corgi fix, they can turn to The Pet Collective and share in the lives of these puppies, every minute of the day," said Ryan Kemp, producer of CorgiCam.

And on the off-chance that you tire of watching this family of corgis growing together, The Pet Collective does offer a different, original set of programming 7-days-a-week showcasing the antics of other adorable animals.