Washed out bridge strands Missouri couple in their home

Ron Recinto
The Sideshow

For Bob and Connie Bushner, a trip to the grocery store involves a trek on a four-wheel ATV down a creek bank, across the creek, up another steep bank and then to a car parked away from their home.

It's been that way since December of 2010, when a storm washed away a small bridge over the creek that connected their Ozark County, Mo., home to the main road.

With the bridge washed away, the Bushners essentially have been stranded in their own home, Fox News reports.

"Nobody can come and visit unless we bring them over on the four-wheeler," Connie told the news station.

The Bushners are at odds with Ozark County officials on the reconstruction of the bridge. The long-standing argument is over who is responsible for fixing the bridge.

Fox notes that County Commissioner T.J. Lewis said he won't pay for repairs because it would be "a waste of taxpayers' money." The Bushners have proposed to pay for half of the construction of a new bridge, but Lewis seems not to want to agree to that.

The news station also reports there's also an issue between the county and the Army Corps of Engineers on who is responsible for the bridge.

In the meantime, though, the Bushners are still slogging on an ATV to and from their dream home.