VW ups its Super Bowl ad buzz quotient with ... an ad for an ad?

The Sideshow

Over the past several years, Volkswagen has earned a reputation for producing some of the buzziest, funniest, most memorable Super Bowl commercials — a fact the car company seems well aware of.

In a minute-long ad designed to drum up hype for VW's 2014 Super Bowl spot, the car company pokes fun at Super-Bowl-commercial mania with a seemingly humorless scientist talking about an algorithm that will help create the best Super Bowl ad possible.

In short, it's an ad for another ad. And it features a lot of well-worn tropes from past Super Bowl spots from other companies. Over-the-top social media references? Check. Carmen Electra? Double check. E-Trade-ish babies? Yup. Old men getting hit in the groin for no good reason? Of course! Sadly absent: Clint Eastwood and Eminem expounding on the great city of Detroit.

You can watch the teaser here and check out more great Super Bowl spots over at Yahoo Screen.

All the ads (as well as that one football game that's kind of a big deal) air Feb. 2.

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