Video: World’s tightest parking spot

Eric Pfeiffer
The Sideshow

In this time-lapsed security video, an unidentified man somehow manages to tuck his car into a Brooklyn street parking spot smaller than the vehicle itself.  The silver sedan does slightly bump the cars in front and behind him, but the driver is careful to get out of his car and check to ensure he didn't cause any damage:

The security video was captured near the Wyckoff Heights Hospital in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Bushwick. A person who got a copy of the security video told Gothamist:

I was leaving for work the other day and noticed a parked car that was boxed in tight. It was gone that night when I came home, but the cars in front and back were still there. Curious, I checked my security camera.

My first reaction was, how are the other drivers going to react when they get back to their cars and try pulling out of the crammed space? As it turns out, they didn't have to. Hours later, the same driver returns to the spot and manages to extricate his vehicle in nearly identical fashion to the way he tucked it in.

Even by New York City standards, that's a pretty impressive parking job.

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