Video of radio-controlled plane flying into stratosphere and back

Eric Pfeiffer

David Windestål has released a mesmerizing video in which he attaches a camera to a FunJet and sends the radio-controlled plane over 100,000 feet into the air. The plane ascends to the stratosphere giving viewers a beautiful view above the planet’s surface all from the plane’s point of view.

Eventually, the plane’s accompanying weather balloon bursts, shimmering and flailing in the wind. Though, unlike other similar videos posted by hobbyists, this video shows the plane’s controlled descent back to the ground.

Even in referring to the flight as a “failure,” Windestål couldn’t deny it was a memorable and educational experience, adding, “Plus I got really cool footage.”

On his RC Explorer blog, Windestål goes even a step further, explaining in practical steps how an aspiring stratosphere pilgrim can build their own version of his plane, explaining details such as:

“There were a lot of things to take into consideration when building the Space Glider. For instance, during the ascent the temperature can drop to minus 40 or even 50°C. I had to make sure that the electronics, batteries and servos all could survive and operate with such a harsh environment.”