Video of otter playing catch for one

Claudine Zap
Claudine Zap
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You otter see this otter.

The cute little creature that makes his home at Germany’s Sea Life Oberhausen has a creative way to pass the time. A buzzy video surfaced by Laughing Squid shows the talented little guy lying on its back, picking up a pebble and tossing it from paw to pawwithout being a butterfingers. This guy might have a career in professional sports.

The video has gotten plenty of attention on the Web, with more than 19,000 views so far.

But, amazingly, this video about an otter isn't the only one. They're out there. And they are popular. Another fan of the handy otter came from Jasmine Etheridge, who added a video in March, writing, “I saw this otter at the zoo, and was transfixed with it playing with these rocks. He is so cute.”

And this otter is also doing the rock toss with its tiny otter hands. Cute. Obviously, others agree, because the video has received more than 84,000 views.

Otter rock-toss spottings continue: A video posted from last month caught one of a group of Asiatic short-clawed otters doing a similar superfast stone toss in the Dudley Zoological Gardens in the United Kingdom. The description on the video page  explains, "The 13 Asiatic short-clawed otters are not trained to put on an act but the juggling is good practice for handling slippery customers, in the shape of the fish they like to eat."

Even if it's not an act, it's a great show that’s adorable.